Deep Tissue Massage Therapie
When strained muscles are not able to come to rest over a long period of time, they become tight and cramped. This is especially common with muscles in the neck, shoulders and back. Pain and discomfort are made worse (exacerbated) under stress, when the body produces hormones that can disrupt normal body functions. The most common side effects are loss of strength, irritability, fatigue, headache and insomnia. The good news is that pain as a result of prolonged stress is treatable! To successfully combat long-term pain with permanent results, the mind must also relax. Deep tissue massage is a good solution. This distinct and thorough form of therapy not only combats the pain, but also provides the body with new energy. During the massage, there is a targeted search for knots in the muscles as well as the mind. As the human mind learns to relax, there is room for awareness (increased consciousness) and a renewed attitude. Only then can the body's natural recovery process have the chance to work.

Deep tissue massage is quite unique. When done properly, this therapy will reduce your physical, mental and emotional pressures, making you into a new person. For the therapist, a thorough knowledge of the body and a high level of professional competence (expertise) are prerequisites. In addition, tact and care in a pleasant atmosphere are essential for the effective treatment of deep lying pain. All this can be found at Shine! Deep tissue massage practice. Caroline Habraken is there to provide you with all the explanation and personal attention you need and will handle you expertly.
"Lift" uw spirit wat leid tot eenheid, kracht en welbevinden